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In response to the increasing number of requests from researchers to provide research materials of naked mole-rats, we are operating the “Kumadai-Deba” research sample supply system.

If you are a lab head (PI), please contact to Kumadai-Deba by e-mail, and we will send you information on how to apply and a list of samples (cells, tissues etc) that can be provided.
To ensure contracting within the fiscal year, we accept requests from April to January of the following year. Requests submitted from February onwards will be addressed sequentially after April.

The growth, reproduction, and propagation of the naked mole-rat are very slow. It is very costly due to the use of a special breeding environment, equipment, and food. In addition, the growth rate of naked mole-rat cultured cells is also very slow, and it takes time and effort to prepare various samples. Therefore, we would appreciate your understanding that we will charge the actual cost based on the concept of beneficiary pays.

The staff will make every effort to ensure the continued operation of Kumadai-Deba, so we would appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Please note that if you only need our materials, there is no need to set up collaborative research. It would be very helpful if you could provide us with feedback on the results you obtained with the samples we provided, as well as on their usability so that we can better manage Kumadai-Deba in the future.

If you would like to collaborate with us, please contact Dr. Miura.

Contact Email: kumadai.deba(at)